Pin Grades Info

Standard Grade

Enamel pins are handmade and handcrafted, so none of my pins will be perfect or "Collection Grade". Standards are considered the best of the batch, and any flaws found throughout the entire set of pins will not affect the grading (eg. a few odd-coloured glitter pieces, minor scratches, minor under or overfill, minor dust not near the face). 

B Grade

The types of flaws in “B Grades” will be more noticeable metal issues and under/over filled enamel. These flaws are minimal, only noticeable close up and/or at a particular angle.

Seconds Grade

“Seconds” pins will be those with more noticeable flaws that detract from the pin’s artwork (eg. under filled enamel near the face, obvious under or overfill, a small part has the wrong colour, noticeable scratches or bubbles).